Amie Goodlad

WMX Racer - Could you please introduce yourself and let us know a few facts?
“I am 26 years old and I work in London. I started working as an accountant but I have been working/studying for the last 2 years as a financial advisor. In my spare time I’m either at motocross or having a few drinks with my mates.”
WMX Racer - Please tell us about your early years in motocross and how it all began?
“My dad always raced when I was a kid. My brother started racing and I hassled my dad for months and he finally got me a bike when I was 7.”
WMX Racer - How many years have you been racing?
“I started racing when I was about 10. So 16 years! God I’m getting old!”
WMX Racer - Which clubs and organisations have you previously raced with?
“I started off racing at East Anglia then Stevenage club meetings. Then in the last couple of years I have done Eastern Centre ACU meetings, MX Nationals and a few GP’s here and there.”
WMX Racer - I understand that you have had some GP experience, how did that opportunity arise?
“The first GP I ever done was when I was 16 at Lierop in Holland. Me and my Dad loaded the van up and went on our way. Him and my mum sorted it all out for me. Since then I’ve always done the GP’s at Valkenswaard and Matterley Basin because they are the easiest distance to travel. Most of the GP’s I’ve done it’s just been me and my family travelling together.
I am good friends with Clinton Putnam who is a top bloke. He is involved with the JK racing team. In 2016 one of his MX2 riders got injured and so he offered me the bike to ride. All I had to do was sort my entry and fly to the meetings rather than drive hours so that was a great experience. After a year of doing those  races my overdraft was at its limit!!”
WMX Racer - Tell us a little about the GP events, what did you like and dislike about them
Amie “The events are great. Tracks are out of this world and the level of racing is crazy. The only thing I disliked was that I could never control my nerves at a GP event! I would always get myself into such a state that I would then literally be sick on the start line before a race!”
WMX Racer - It’s great to have you onboard and racing with the BWMA, but what made up your decision to join?
“I would of done the BWMA last year but by the time it was announced I had already signed up and payed to race the MX Nationals. It’s good to have a Women’s championship with such good numbers. The publicity and opportunity to also race in the IMBA European Championship is what attracted me.”
WMX Racer - Your having some great battles with Chelsea Gowland in particular, are you enjoying your racing at present?
“I am enjoying the racing to some extent but have been struggling with the tracks to be honest. They are always fast and not that technical. I love my sand and there’s not any proper sand tracks on the calendar which is a shame.”
WMX Racer - Have you raced any of the BWMA girls before and who if anyone do you get on with the best?
Amie “Me and my best mate Georgia Patterson signed up to the BWMA Championship together so it’s good to go racing with your mate most weekends.

”WMX Racer - So far you have competed at Bushton, Brookthorpe, Warmingham and Long Lane, have you enjoyed them and which is your favourite?
“The best track so far was Brookthorpe. The jumps at that track were so much fun. I was hopeful for some sand at Long Lane but I wouldn’t call that a sand track, ha-ha! Other than that I’m not going to lie I’ve hated the tracks to be honest. In the Eastern Centre we race tracks like Lyng and Blaxhall which is what I classify as fun tracks to ride. Maybe I’m just a typical women being fussy!”
WMX Racer - What is the best circuit you have ever raced on?
“Probably Valkenswaard, the GP track in Holland.”
WMX Racer - What is your view on the BWMA and Ladies motocross in the UK?
“Howard and Vicky are doing a great job running the BWMA. I can’t believe how many girls turn up each week. I just hope in the future the races could be run alongside maybe another event. There has been issues with transponders not working and quite slow running of the meetings which lets it down a little bit. And some proper sand tracks would make me, smile! Ladies motocross in the UK really had nothing over the last few years until the BWMA came along. In 2008 I think it was there was a Women’s British series alongside the Men’s. That was the last time Women’s Mx had a proper status in the UK. With the BWMA I think Women’s motocross will definitely get better recognition.”
WMX Racer - In your career so far what do you consider to be your biggest achievement?
Amie “In 2016 my best finish was at Assen I came 14th. It was an absolute mud race and I hit another bike and bent my gear lever so was stuck in 3rd gear so that was just pure survival. I think if I could have changed gear I would of crashed! Before that my best finish was at Matterley Basin in 2011 or 2012 I had an 11th in one race.”
WMX Racer - What are your hopes for your future racing career?
“I wouldn’t call it a career! It’s always just been my hobby to be honest. Hopes for the future are just to keep racing as long as I can until I get too old!”
WMX Racer - Do you have any sponsors you would like to thank?
“Clinton Putnam from JK racing has been a great help to me. He supplies me with bikes at cost  and helps me with as much as he can. Other than that I would like to thank my dad and boyfriend for working on my bike and my mum for catering for us all at races! We call her the feeder haha!”
WMX Racer - Away from motocross do you have other interests and hobbies?
“I like partying with my pals and going on holidays and letting my hair down. I work hard so having a bit of down time is sometimes well needed!”

Interview by Mike Wood