WMX Racer - Charlotte could you please start by introducing yourself?
I am a 17 years old and currently a Student hoping to work in the heath and fitness sector and I’m from Weymouth in Dorset.
How did your interest in motocross begin and how old were you?
When I was 10 I went to my cousins they all had bikes so I decided to jump on the PW50 and have been hooked ever since.
WMS Racer - What was the first bike you owned and who taught you to ride it?
 My first bike was a PW80 that I got after pestering my parents, dad taught me to ride spending hours at our local track until I decided that I then wanted to race so we got a KTM 65.
WMX Racer - How did your early racing career go and can you remember when and where you picked up your first win?
I raced with Ringwood MXC in Dorset for the first couple of years always at the back of the pack. It wasn’t until I got my 85 Big wheel when I became competitive and I then had my first win during a Girls National up at Duns in Scotland.
WMX Racer - What would you consider to be your best result so far in motocross?
 I would say my best result was being able to qualify for the IMBA as it’s opened up so many opportunities for me. I was also very pleased about taking 3 wins at Farleigh Castle this year at Acerbis Nationals round.
WMX Racer - What clubs and organisations did you race with?
I’ve mainly rode with Ringwood MXC but also competed at any of the MCF Clubs down in the South West.
WMX Racer - How did you come to join the BWMA and what do you think of the organisation?
I was racing the Ladies group in the Acerbis nationals and heard about the BWMA from a couple of the other girls so decided to give it a try and absolutely loved it! Both Howard and Vicky are doing a great job of trying to get Womens motocross out there!
WMX Racer - What's your view of the current Ladies racing scene in the UK and is there anything you would like to see done to make it better?
The BWMA have got the ball rolling in the right direction and I hope that it will grow in the coming year and hopefully this will mean we get the same kind of recognition as the men do. I also hope that it will encourage more girls to race or stay racing as the BWMA have offered them a purpose to compete with goals to achieve.
WMX Racer - With just one round to go in the BWMA series, how do you feel it has gone for you personally?
With one round to go of the BWMA I feel I’ve improved constantly
through-out the year and overall I’m pleased with my performance and looking forward to racing the last round on a track that I enjoy.
WMX Racer - You have competed on some very different circuits so far but which one have you enjoyed the most?
For the BWMA I really enjoyed Long lane as it was a really technical track but Hawkstone Park is my favourite track, I absolutely love it!
WMX Racer - You are racing the IMBA European Championship, how did you react when told that you would be in the UK Carp Baits AMCA Team?
I was chuffed to be in the team and was really excited by the call-up. I have enjoyed every moment of the IMBA Championship and it’s a great challenge to go up against the fast European girls.
WMX Racer - How have you found the experience of racing on European circuits and do you find the racing faster in the IMBA than in the UK?
The experience has been amazing it’s definitely brought me on and my racing has improved massively for doing it, the first round in Switzerland was really hard for me the racing was a total different pace to the BWMA. After finishing 9th overall at the first round, then coming 9th overall with a 4th place moto finish during the last round in Belgium shows how much improvement I have made!
WMX Racer - You raced at Wohlen in Switzerland and that must have been an amazing experience racing in-front of such a large crowd?
The crowd at Wohlen was by far the biggest I’ve raced in front of. Going out for qualifying in the morning was quite nerve racking but then I just got on with the racing and enjoyed the experience it was also great to see how popular it is in Europe.
WMX Racer - If selected would you like to enjoy the chance to race the IMBA series again in 2019?
Definitely! I would love to race the IMBAs again!
WMX Racer - How do you see your future racing career going?
Hopefully I will keep on improving and building on my results, also making sure that I make the most of every opportunity that the BWMA are giving the girls. I would like to do more in Europe next year. I’m planning on doing some Dutch Nationals and seeing how the Ladies classes are run over there.
WMX Racer - Finally do you have any sponsors you would like to thank?
The Realising dreams Foundation for helping me for the second year running and this year they helped massively towards my Race bike. Kustom Vans for converting our van to suit our needs for getting over to Europe and The Dorchester Motor Company for keeping the van on the road. Progreen MX for the great cleaning products. Lycspeed Tuning for keeping the bikes running! Also I would like to put a shout out to Alex Snow for the great training this year. But it all wouldn’t be possible with-out my dad and all the hard work he puts in!

Interview and pictures for WMXraceronline by Mike Wood