Chelsea Gowland

WMX Racer - When did your interest in motocross begin?
“I’ve been brought up around it, my older brother did it and that’s how I got into it, my first race was at 5 years old and we had to lie about my age, I’ve been hooked ever since.”
WMX Racer - How did your early years in racing go?
“I always did the Nationals such as Red Bull Youth Cup and BYMW as a kid, so was always riding with fast boys (some who are now GP riders) and I think that helped me grow as a rider. I also won the Girls Nationals a few times.”
WMX Racer - What do you like the most about going racing?
“It’s usually always a good atmosphere at race meetings and you get to spend time with your racing mates too so it’s a good buzz. But once you get out on the track nothing beats that feeling.”
WMX Racer - What do you dislike the most about motocross?
“Washing the bike afterwards haha!”
WMX Racer - What is your favourite track?
“Desertmartin or Matterly Basin”
WMX Racer - What has been your biggest achievement in motocross so far?
It’s got to be winning the last race in Switzerland at the IMBA championship this year.
WMX Racer - How did it feel to represent your Country in the IMBA European Championship?
“It is a great opportunity I’ve been given especially as the wildcard and I’m so grateful, words can’t describe the feeling.”
WMX Racer - You recently travelled to Switzerland. Was it good to race in front of a large crowd and on a top class circuit?
“Yeah the crowd and the atmosphere there was next level. You could tell the whole crowd was loving the racing. I love seeing big crowds at a track that’s what it’s all about.”
WMX Racer - What  was the feeling like to win that last IMBA moto in Switzerland and make history for GB Ladies?
“Like I said before I think this is one of my best accomplishments, I was buzzing, but I am hoping they’ll be many more moments in the future that will top this.
WMX Racer - Did you find racing in Europe different to the UK and was the race-pace much different from the BWMA series?
“The race pace was much more intense, there’s a lot of fast girls there and lap times were much closer especially the top 5.”
WMX Racer - What are your thoughts on Ladies motocross and the BWMA?
“The BWMA is a great friendly series to join. It has helped me make so much progress and get noticed by sponsors, I wouldn’t be where I am now without this Championship, I would encourage girls of all racing ability to sign up.”

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WMX Racer - You scored 5 out of 6 wins at Bushton, you must have been pleased with your speed and the results?
“There’s always room for improvement in my eyes. Although I won overall, I compare my times to the Men Expert boys so I get a little annoyed when I’m off their pace by quite a bit haha. But the racing was fun and I knew there was some equally fast, good riders to provide the competition.
WMX Racer - Can you tell us a little bit about the link with Redline and how it was developed?

“I got the Redline deal through being noticed doing the BWMA championship. Howard Marriott has been a massive part of it all and I can’t thank him enough. Tim Walker of Redline has been kind enough to give me this amazing opportunity to ride for him and I’m loving every second. The whole Redline team is a great friendly bunch of people and I have a good relationship with them and look forward to the future with this strong team of people.
WMX Racer - You recently qualified and raced at the 1st round of the AMCA British Championship MX2. What did you think of the quality of riders and their pace?
“I knew it was going to be difficult. I haven’t raced agaisnt men that fast in a while but I enjoyed it and feel this is what I need to try and progress my riding and get me even faster.
WMX Racer - What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?
I hope to be doing the GP’s. That’s my ultimate goal. I want to win the BWMA and IMBA championship this year but GP’s are where I want to be hopefully by 2019. I just need to get faster this year and find a few more seconds and hopefully I will have some good results at GPs if given the opportunity.

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