Elisha Elliott

WMX Racer - Elisha, welcome to the BWMA, could you please start by introducing yourself?
“My name is Elisha Elliott, I am 14 years old and I am in the big wheel 85 youth class.”
WMX Racer - When did your interest in motocross begin?
“My interest began when I went to watch my brother race about 5 years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since.”
WMX Racer - Can you remember your first ever race and how did it go?
“I can’t really remember much about my first race but can remember I had a Husky 50cc”
WMX Racer - What does your school friends think of you racing motocross?
“All my friends love to come and watch me ride and are always asking me how I got on.”
WMX Racer - Does any of your friends either race as well or come and watch you compete?
“I’ve got loads of friends who race and I’ve always got loads of supporters who always come to watch.”
WMX Racer - In your early years what organisations and clubs did you race with?
“I race with East Kent School boy scramble club, Gest Hastings MCC and Mid Sussex ”
WMX Racer - What as been your biggest achievement so far in motocross?
“I won the Girls Nationals on the 65cc in 2014. I couldn’t make it on the Small Wheel 85cc due to injury so now I have  come to compete in the BWMA on the Big Wheel 85cc and so far it’s been a great season with 9 out of 9 race wins and 7 out of 9 holeshots.”

WMX Racer - Do you have a favourite track which you always look forward to racing on?
“Canada Heights is my favourite track”
WMX Racer   What are the things that you like most about motocross?
“I like everything about motocross there’s  nothing I dislike about it but my favourite thing is getting behind the gate with just girls and then going onto take the chequered flag!”
WMX Racer - When racing you have a pink plume on your helmet, is there a story and reason behind this?
“The reason I have my pink Mohawk is so when I pass the boys they know who it is!”
WMX Racer - What are your hobbies and likes away from motocross?
“ I don’t really have no other hobby’s everything I do revolves around motocross..”
WMX Racer - Did you know anything about the BWMA before joining and what are your thoughts so far on how the series is organised?
“I knew they run the Adult BWMA class last year so I am really pleased that they put in a Youth class for 2018. Howard and Vicky Marriott have put on some real good meetings so far so I would like to thank them very much for giving me the opportunity to compete in a full Championship for girls.”
WMX Racer - After Brookthorpe, so far you have scored 9 out of 9 race wins, you must be very delighted with that?
“Yeah, I’m really proud of myself for getting the race wins and holeshots I’ve proved to myself that all my hard work and determination is paying off!”

Interview by Mike Woods