Georgia Patterson

Could you please start by introducing yourself?
Hey I’m Georgia, Im 24, I work full time as an Office Manager for a major construction company and spend most my spare time doing something revolving around motocross.
What are your thoughts on how you have performed during the past season in the BWMA Championship?
The year has been challenging, I started at the back of the pack and by the end was running inside the top 10. I think I had some bad luck at the races and that stopped me getting the results I think I could have got.
How did your interest in motocross all begin?
My older brother has raced since he was young and being 9 years younger than him It’s all I saw him do growing up. So when I was 10 my dad bought me a quad bike and that’s where it all begun for me.
How many years have you been racing and can you remember your first ever meeting?
I only started racing when I was about 16 and I only ever done a couple of meetings. My first was at Essex MX for Stevenage Schoolboy Club on my Honda CR85, I can’t remember how I did but I remember it being hard, those who remember Essex will know how rough that track got!
What would you consider to be your best ever result so far in motocross?
I don’t really keep track or count my racing results too much as I try not to take it too serious but I think my best result would be my 5th overall at the South African Nationals.
What clubs did you race with before joining the BWMA series?
I normally race with Eastern Centre, they use National tracks like Lyng and Blaxhall which are quite local to me and sometimes I race with East Anglia or Norfolk and Suffolk at tracks like Mildenhall.
Have you enjoyed racing in the BWMA and what are your overall thoughts on the series?
I have, I’ve met some friends by doing the series and had fun. I think there’s been some learning curves along the way for the club though and hopefully things will run smoother for them in 2019.
Was there any particular round in 2018 which you really enjoyed?
Probably Brookthorpe and Warmingham Lane were my favourite rounds, the tracks were good, they flowed and had some nice jumps and I had some of my best results at those tracks.
Throughout your racing which track would you consider to be your favourite?
Some tracks are nice to race and some are better for practice. My favourite race track would probably be Lyng and although I have never had much luck there, it’s an awesome track, sandy with big hills and gets very rough! I also like  Reusel in Holland which is a practice track. It’s dark sand but not really deep with a fast layout through the forest.
I understand that you raced in South Africa, could you give us some details on just how that opportunity came about?
The opportunity came up to race in SA back at the beginning of the year. Andre David was a close friend when he lived in the UK and since he moved back to SA he’s always said about me going out there to race but I never pursued it. This year I felt more confident and when he asked me again I thought I would be silly to turn it down again!

You finished 5th overall in South Africa, a great result but how did the competition compare with what you face back in the UK?
It was a good result but as always I think I could have done better. I had bike issues on the day and was really tense. The competition there is just as fast but there aren’t as many on the gate, the entire motocross community out there is smaller. They have a good set up for the women and hopefully more girls will start to race and make up the numbers as it is a good championship running with the SA Nationals. At the moment the Girls have to compete alongside the Men in the same races.
We presume that in South Africa you borrowed a bike and kit, how did that feel?
I was given a Husky 250F to ride whilst there, which was challenging. It took me the entire time I was there to gel with it as it was completely different to my Yamaha YZF, but I was grateful to have a ride and had fun on the Husky in the end. My kit was all given to me which was very kind of the Dforce team and I love it!
What's your overall views on Ladies motocross racing at present?
I think it’s forever growing and needs to be pushed in the right direction to make it grow even more. There shouldn’t be any pressure to commit to championships as it’s hard, and expensive these days. There’s enough girls now to make racing fun so we just need good tracks and well organised meetings with the right backing.
Will you be back racing in the BWMA in 2019 and what are your racing ambitions for the future?
I am not sure of my plans for 2019 yet, I don’t plan on doing any championships as It takes the fun away for me and makes it to serious!. So I will see what happens but should be doing the odd race here and there for sure.
Do you have any sponsors you would like to thank?
Of course, Herts MX have helped me along the way with my kit, parts and work on my bike. And for out in SA, Andre at Big5mx, Summit racing for my bike and the Dforce team for all they done for me.
So with Winter approaching, do you have any particular interests and hobbies which you like doing away from racing motocross?
 I’ll probably use the winter to catch up with friends, have a few nights out and definitely try to get away on the Snowboard in the New Year.

Interview and pictures by Mike Wood