Jaysi Austin

WMX Racer - Jaysi, welcome to the BWMA, could you please start by introducing yourself?
“Hi I’m Jaysi Austin, 12 years old and live in Mansfield Nottinghamshire.”
WMX Racer - When did your interest in motocross begin?
“I started off racing Enduro when I was 6 as my dad used to race them. I had my first bike when I was 4. I soon started racing Motocross in the Auto class and I’m now riding a Big wheel Eurotek KTM 85cc.”
WMX Racer - Can you remember your first ever bike and who taught you to ride?
“My dad bought me a little Motoroma 50cc and he taught me the basics.”
WMX Racer - Where was your first race and how did you get on?
“My first race was an Enduro at Norwood, Mansfield. It was very muddy and tough conditions. I’ve attached a photo
of this!”
WMX Racer - What do your school friends think of you racing motocross?
“They think its mint and always ask how I got on. They don’t believe me when I tell them I beat the boys, ha ha!”
WMX Racer  Do any of your friends either race as well or come and watch you compete?
WMX Racer - What are the things that you like most about motocross?
“I like everything about it especially meeting new people and making more friends.”
WMX Racer - What do you like doing when not racing motocross?
“I love riding my mountain bike around Sherwood Pines as it’s on my doorstep and it keeps me fit. I also like spending time with my school friends as I don’t get to see them at weekends.”

WMX Racer - Did you know anything about the BWMA before joining and what are your thoughts so far on how the series is organised?
“We had never heard of it. We then went to Wroxton for the Girls Nationals and my dad was handed a leaflet and straight away I wanted to do the BWMA Youth Championship in 2018.”
WMX Racer - At Long Lane you won all three races, you must have been very delighted with that?
“Yes I was buzzing as finally I was back in the sand, conditions I enjoy the most and it was nice to see my parents happy with my performance. Hopefully I will win some more this year!”
WMX Racer - How do you see the rest of your season going?
“My aim is to grab a few more hole-shots and some more wins. My goal is to be the best!”
WMX Racer - What are your thoughts on girls/Ladies racing in the UK?
“It’s amazing and it deserves more recognition. Hopefully myself and the other girls can help to make that happen.”
WMX Racer - What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?
“I am one of the youngest girls in the Championship but with a few more years under my belt I would love to be the best girl rider in the UK!”
WMX Racer - Finally do you have any sponsors that you would like to thank?
“I get a little help but nothing to shout about. I’d like to thank my mum and dad and also my grandad Paul and grandma Lynn as they have paid for my entries at the BWMA. We will be looking for sponsors in 2019!”

Interview by Mike Wood