Natalie Kane

Not a competitor in the BWMA British Womens Motocross Championship but Natalie Kane is Britains most successful International Female racer and has some fascinating insites into the world of WMX GP racing to inspire all our up and coming racers. WMXraceronline are pleased to have an exclusive interview with the British Star.

You have had an amazing career but can you remember right back at the beginning how your interest in motocross developed?
Well, motocross runs in my family. My Mum and Dad used to race as well as many other family members but how I started was through watching my cousin riding in a field till eventually one day his dad let me try his PW50 and from then on I pestered my parents until they bought me one of my own!
What was your first bike and at what age did you start?
My first bike was a Yamaha PW50 when I was 3 years old.
Can you remember your early racing years?
I can remember some stuff about my early years riding and all the traveling to races together with my cousins as there were many of them racing too. I also grew up in the age of racing People like Jake Nicholls, Mel Pocock, and Graeme Irwin so it was also very tough!
What was your first major win?
My first major win was probably winning the Irish Youth boys Championship on a 50cc.
At what point did you fancy doing the GP series and how did the opportunity arise?
I used to always sit in the bath from a young age and tell my mum I wanted to be a professional motocross rider but without knowing that there was already a Women’s World Motocross Championship! Another girls dad, Max Paull told us all about it and also said he would help by getting me to the races. That’s how it all started really.
How did you find the early years of racing at the highest level?
Well I was competing in the British Youth Championship with the boys from a young age so I was pretty used to hard racing and traveling a lot! The hardest part when I started to race the WMX was moving to England and being away a lot from my family.
You won the home round of the GP series at Matterley Basin in 2013, that must have been an amazing experience?
Yes that is a feeling I will never be able to explain but it is a massive highlight of my whole racing career.
You finished 2nd in the World Championship in 2012. Would you consider that to be your best ever season and why do you think it went so well?
It was my best ever finish overall but I would not say my best riding wise although I was actually coming back from an injury sustained in 2011 so yes I improved all year! In 2013 I was also lying 2nd in the standings until the final round when I was forced to miss a race after a
medic had sent me to hospital following a crash in the warm-up! I really
could not understand why they did that as I then came back to the
circuit and duly won the second moto! Missing that race while being
examined in hospital dropped me down to 4th in the final Championship
standings!Throughout your GP career is there any particular track that stood out and that you particularly enjoyed racing at?

Yes at the very start of me racing the GP’s we raced at Lierop (The Netherlands) which I really enjoyed as it got so rough and technical.
What would you consider to be the best bike you have raced on?
It is hard to say the best bike I have raced on but I would probably say in 2007 Mark Chamberlain gave me Jake Nicholls bike which was a Suzuki to ride in Lierop actually after Jake had got injured. Although it wasn't really my bike, I still got to use it until the end of the 2007 season. I loved that bike so much as I also raced it at the first ever Maxxis British Women's Championship round.
You have won 8 British Ladies Championship titles. What was the level of competition like?
The level of competition was pretty good actually so I had no room for big mistakes. Kerry Wilson, Alix Dunlop and other girls was there who had recorded top 10 finishes and scored regular points in the GP’s.
Which one of the titles proved significant to your career moving forward or did they all seem special for various reasons?
They all felt special for different reasons but probably the first British title was the best as that helped me to have proper support and sponsorship from a professional team.
Do you have a favourite track in the Uk which you always enjoy racing at?
I have many tracks I like in the UK but I particularly like Mildenhall and Polesworth as I always did pretty good at them!
What's your thoughts on the current state of Ladies motocross both on the World and UK stage?
The Women’s Series was so big when I started racing In GP’s and in the UK but then it all went a little down-hill but I think it is slowly starting to get better again In the UK. It’s so good to see someone like the BWMA pushing to get the Girls noticed again. The Women are racing again back with the main MXGP and slowly getting more notice and respect so I hope it will keep growing. Hopefully we can return to the day’s of Women having factory rides alongside the men just like it was when I started!
What advice would you give anyone with ambitions to try and reach the very top level of Ladies racing?
It’s a tough sport and can be cruel sometimes but never forget why you started. Nothing worth having comes easy so never give up!

Interview by Mike Wood