Setting Goals

Setting goals is probably the best strategy to use to help you get to where you want to be. You can't reach your goals if you haven't set any. This also helps you create your own personal road map to your success.

When we set goals it cements a direction in your development, it helps build confidence, improves performance and is measurable. This isn't just applicable to Motocross but also to your personal life.

So how do we do this?
We start with the end. The Big Goal.
To achieve this we set;
LONG TERM GOALS - The goal where we want to end up
SHORT TERM GOALS - The goals which help us get to our long term goal.

Example of a long-term goal.
I want to be BWMA British Champion and IMBA Champion.

This is a BIG goal. How do we get there?
So you aren't going to get there without changes to your racing and preparation and approach. You may be running 15th at the moment. So you will set bite size goals, to get top 10 by the 3rd round, top 5 by the end of the season, etc.

To do this you need to analyse what areas of your performance you need to work on to get there. So analyse your lap times, your short comings etc, this maybe 10 seconds a lap, not commiting to all the jumps.

With this in mind as part of your program you will need to work out how to improve those short comings,

These are your short term goals and to achieve them you will be
focussing on your practising. You will be getting your coach to time
your laps and during the day looking to shave seconds off that.
For technical shortcomings you should consider using a riding coach to work on the technical areas you are struggling with. It is a good idea when training to just work on sections at a time and not to keep banging out laps, use your practice time wisely to reach your short term goal.

Don't forget also your physical conditioning as your racing becomes faster and more intense. Consider everything that comes with reaching your goal.

Be specific when writing your goals and make sure you measure your goals for progress. It's okay to revisit your goals based on how you're doing and if they need to be adjusted.

Make your goals public
When you are comfortable with your goals share them with your coaches, friends, or family what your goals are. This can really help.
It makes you more committed and accountable by telling other people what you're going to do. By sharing your goals with people, they can actually help you accomplish them.

Read your goals everyday
When we read our goals everyday, it helps us to stay focused and stay dialed into the task we are trying to accomplish. I recommend you keep your goals posted in a prominent place where you see them everyday. For instance, your bedroom or bathroom mirror would be a perfect place.

One of the keys to your success as a person and as an athlete is goal setting. Goals that are written down, made public, read, and worked on everyday are goals that will get done.

Howard Marriott