WMX Racer  - With your dad, Howard Marriott, you started the BWMA and the British Womens Championship in 2017, but how did you interst in motocross begin?
“My dad raced when he was very young and started again when I was young, I enjoyed the weekends going racing but it was only when I saw a girl racing that I realised girls can do it too it as well so asked if I could try. I was 12 when dad bought me a Yamaha TTR125 to ride”
WMX Racer - How did your early years in racing go?
“I started racing when I was 13 on an 85cc KTM with the AMCA. It took a while learning, I wasn't that good until my dad taught me to jump, once I mastered that I loved it and would race just for the jumps”
WMX Racer - What do you like the most about going racing?
"The jumps initially, but now I just love everything about it, not so much on sand though, unfortunately we only had hardpack tracks and have never really mastered sand, I must admit though I don't like the injuries"
WMX Racer - I understand you have had your share of injuries?
"Yes I was known at Banbury as a big jumper, and went for a double only the experts were doing, I did it a few laps then a lapper got in my way and I crashed head first into the face of the third jump, I suffered a brain injury which put me out for 6 months, then, broken shoulder, ribs, wrist, knee ligaments which all knocked my confidence, thankfully the past couple of years apart from bruises and grazes I have been injury free.
WMX Racer - What clubs and organisations have you raced with?
“I started racing with the Shepshed AMCA Club as my dad was chairman, then we went to do some different things and spent a number of years racing with Banbury, but they only had a few tracks, hard pack though. I enjoyed the ACU British Womens championship, I only did one round before they stopped it and wanted to do more so did a year doing the Acerbis in the womens class but didn't enjoy it as we were racing against some top expert men, then I did the Ladies IMBA and enjoyed that experience."
WMX Racer - What has been your biggest achievement in motocross so far?
“I had some really enjoyable racing but coming 10th at the German IMBA round was the best. The biggest achievement is forming the BWMA with my dad and the British Womens Championship, not for the fact we formed it but that we are now giving girls opportunities to be recognised and fulfil their ambitions, all the things I didn't have when I was younger, and being IMBA Team manager, that is sic. I hope one day through what we have started Womens Motocross can go to the next level and we get our World Champion.

WMX Racer  - What are you hoping for the future of the BWMA
“I hope it goes from strength to strength and we can see some of the young girls see they have a pathway to the top of their sport. I hope also that we can get the industry to recognise that we are not just a bunch of girls having a go but serious athletes that take our sport seriously. I hope we can help put womens motocros in the UK on a par with the guys.
WMX Racer  - What developments are you making to improve the BWMA Championship
“Next year we are looking to run a Pro-class and a National class for the adults, this will give the top riders prize money to race for and IMBA places to help with their international development and experience. The National class will give the slower riders something to race for and help them improve. We also want to run the 65cc class with the 85cc class so all girls get the chance of progressing from the smallest class all the way to the top throughout their careers.
WMX Racer  - Final word to you Vicky
“At the end of the day we just want girls of all abilities to enjoy their racing, to have fun and be able to get out of it what they want, whether that is to enjoy racing against other girls for fun, or to help them race against the best girls in the world and give them every opportunity to be the best in the world. We don't see why that shouldn't be possibl and will continue to keep improving"